Not just a product, it is a concept

They are developing and producing Yacht Outdoor Cooling Systems and offer complete tailor-made cooling solutions. Their systems can also be used to create scenographic fog effects in connection with LED lights or with a mixture unit for fragrances or a biological anti-insect repellent.


The problem:

When anchoring in bays during summer in the Mediterranean or other parts of the world they have realized that lots of decks are empty seem to be abandoned during midday hours because of hot temperatures. After testing of systems used in the industry or in restaurants they found out that these system and components are not suitable for use on Yachts, mainly because of lack of cooling, but also because of hygienic problems, like germs or legionella bacteria, corrosion or noisy or dripping nozzles.

The solution:

Lange has developed a new system, especially for Yachts, Mega Yachts, Cruise and River Cruise Vessels for which a patent is pending.


• all Lange systems are handmade in Germany, state of the art technology
• enjoy your yacht even in hot and humid conditions
• fresh cold air without getting wet
• works as outdoor air cooling or as surface cooling
• interval or permanent operation modes
• in interval operation no drain water nor droplets from nozzles due to pressure reducer
• single nozzle system or nozzle bars available in different materials, designs and dimensions
• no residuals on surfaces nearby the nozzle, due to special water- filter system
• works with Lange Marine 3 pump, which includes all safety features
• dosing pump for fragrances, additives or biological anti-insect repellent available
• maximum cooling, minimum water and power consumption
• regulation parameters: time, humidity, water flow, temperature
• controlled by I-phone, remote control or sensors
• complex solutions for different decks with LED lights
• CE certified system, marine certificates on request
• long life design, easy maintenance

Installation Areas:

• Sundeck, Fly Bridge, Sun Shade, Sun Lounger, Railing, Gangway, Pool, Jacuzzi, Swimming Platform

…. or any other place you like ….

System description:

Water from the fresh water system is filtered in a special filter unit or in a reverse osmosis system before entering a high pressure pump with an integrated UV-water treatment unit. The pump achieves a pressure of up to 1600 psi. Flexible HP-polyamide tubes, multi ply tubes or stainless steel tubes are connecting the pump with the fogging jet nozzles. They use 3 different types of nozzles. They can be installed as single nozzles in any position or can be integrated in a console or bar as a set of nozzles. The other possibility is to use a removable system with fast connectors. When the water is leaving the nozzles it will be atomized into Micro-droplets, forming a light fog which immediately evaporates. Due to adiabatic cooling effect the ambient air temperature can be reduced by up to 10° C. The cool and heavier air will descend. Persons, objects or surfaces will not get wet as the water evaporates immediately. When the system is used for surface cooling there will be no limestone or other residuals on the surfaces or windows due to the very effective water treatment. The system can work in permanent mode or in interval mode. When the system depressurizes the remaining water is added to the circuit and treated again before entering the pump.

Customer satisfaction:

Lange offers individual concepts from the planning stage until the final installation. Before the final installation of the systems they carry out an onboard test in order to choose the best components and design and also to determine the optimum nozzle position for an esthetic fog picture.


Other design proposals:



More of this genius product at: www.fog-design.com