In skids we trust!

Advantages of Skid-Based Equipment

Our skids units are designed to accomodate an entire process. It can come in a single piece or a series of units that will be connected together to build one unit.

Skids can be something as simple as a tanks including pump, ph dosing unit, a hydrophore combining several pumps or a more complicated pool water treatment system including heating elements.

The units can be found all over the vessel hiddin in technical rooms or teh engine room. The units are often used for filtration, temperature control, circulation and mainting water qualities.

However, the skids work best with systems that can fit into a frame where it brings it full potential .

Pool Water Treatment Skid

Space Optimization

A modular system skid is making the most out of existing space. If you need to fit an process into a limited area, a skid unit can more than likely help you.

While assembly of the skid it can be accessed from all sides, so workers can always use the optimum way. If the components are assembled on board you are normally limited in your way of work.

Quality control and perfect conditions while building process

The manufacturer will make the skids off-site. This means all attention will be paid to the detail of the build at one time.

The modular system skids typically involves piping, welding and other fabrication methods. Our skilled sub-contractors can complete all of that in clean eniroment under perfect work conditions. You can trust our specialized manufacturers to deliver reliable and stated of the art equipment.

Easy Installation

Essentially, the skids will save you and your team from having to perform several detail-oriented installation tasks.

Normally your construction team has to attach dozens of pipes, components, cables, nuts and bolts. You will have to plan and budget all detailed completing work.

Skid come fully built and can be fit with minimal effort and assembly. Plug and Play. You will save hours, weeks or even months.


Now doubt, to install new process systems or equipment, you must test for a high level of functionality before you can resume operational practices or hand over the equipment to the end users. Should you find any issues, they will delay the construction process because you must locate and then fix the problems, many times under unfavorable conditions..

Skid units come pressure tested and even if possible tested on functionality according to pre-defined standards.

This means you can trust the unit will work as required as soon as you install it.


Often system designs are “grown” during planning or design phase. Which can lead to a messy layout. A victim of the circumstances in real life.

In case any later malfunction is occurring how to fix the problem if you cannot reach the faulty part? Modular skid units are designed to make your system easily accessible. Should you have to replace or locate a specific part, you don’t have to worry about deconstructing the system completely to find or reach it.

Skid units are designed to make your life as easy as possible.

Hydrophore Unit