At Pres-Vac Engineering, We Speak Marine

For over 50 years, Pres-Vac Engineering has been a respected name in the marine industry. We have installed over 200,000 valves and  are the largest supplier of high-velocity pressure/vacuum valves and venting systems used in transporting volatile organic compounds (VOC´s).

Our experience means that we can always offer you the best solution for your specific tank venting requirements. Our solutions are innovative, reliable, fully tested, matched to your specific needs and always comply with all standards and regulations. We offer you unparalleled experience, advanced research and engineering capabilities, world-wide service and support and a globe-spanning network of representatives, agents and partners.

The new PV-ECO & PV-VOC

presvac1The PV-ECO and the PV-VOC are designed based on the experience gained by Pres-Vac over the last 60 years. They are designed using the latest technologies but most importantly, the PV-ECO and PV-VOC are designed based on customer feedback. Over the years, Pres-Vac has had in-depth discussions about issues regarding venting of cargo tanks with major ship owners, yards, and classification societies.

The PV-ECO and PV-VOC continue the tradition of tough and durable marine products that Pres-Vac is renowned for, ensuring that the customer receives a product with a long life time and stable performance.

PV-ECO: The Chemical Tanker P/V Valve

presvac2The PV-ECO is designed for use on Chemical Carriers and Product Carriers addressing the
special requirements for P/V valves. The PV-ECO is  configurable to match the requirements of the yards and owners.
It has been approved to work for long pipes, increasing the flexibility in the piping design for the yard. Compared to the previous generation we simplified maintenance by  reducing disassembly time by 60% by a lower number of parts.

PV-VOC: The Crude Oil Tanker P/V Valve

presvac3The PV-VOC is designed to meet the requirements that larger Crude Oil Carriers have for P/V valves. The PV-
VOC is designed to reduce the amount of cargo vapor by implementing a special 2-step opening sequence.

Aircaps and Air Release / Vacuum Breaker Valves

Aircaps and Air Release / Vacuum Breaker Valves serve two purposes: tank venting and prevent water from entering the tank. Aircaps are installed on service tank air pipes. A wire mesh prevents flames from entering the tank. Pres-Vac offers the following Aircaps and Air Release / Vacuum Breaker Valves.

Liquid Overfill Protection Devices

Liquid overfill protection devices are designed to prevent overpressurization of tanks due to overfilling, which may occur should the high level alarm float be punctured. Not using an overfill protection device could result in a ruptured tank and massive pollution.

Onboard Test Rig

Onboard test rigs are used to verify the set-pressure after maintenance as well as to check for and measure leakage.


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