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The LED series is a marine solution customized for heavy duty shipboard LED installations, which offer high resistance against vibrations, power peaks and high temperatures. These features make these products the ideal choice for Engine room applications and installations in other aggressive environments. This product line provides high quality and long lasting performance.
Our products deliver high quality in a well-balanced cost performance ratio – and afford an amazing return of investment.

Main Features

• We use specially designed marine power-supplies which ensure a low consumption and very efficient heat dissipation. These features reduce the heat impact on the LED’s to a minimum which again extend the lifetime for tubes significantly. The LED’s are made for an ambient temperature up to 55 degrees.
• The high quality 6063 Aluminum alloy body is specially designed for maximum heat diversion in order to ensure long longevity and constant high lumens.
• The smart center support clip prevents bending of the body.
• The LED’s are specially arranged to ensure a large viewing angle which provides excellent light spread and unique lumen values over a large area
• The driver, the heart of the system is designed for high vibration resistance.
• The PCB is UL certified. All parts are cadmium, lead and mercury free.

Unique design of fin shape aluminum alloy with wider heat dissipation area and better heat dissipation ability 2.5 times the tubular type

The unique finned aluminum alloy body secures a unique heat diversion
The unique finned aluminum alloy body secures a unique heat diversion

Marine LED for rough Enviroments

The open two sided driver architecture ensures maximum heat radiation and secures the lowest possible temperature and maximum longevity.


Smart and efficient design prevents the most common problems

The well-known problem of tubes bending on the middle in hot and vibrating environments is not a problem using our products. All pipes > 60 cm in critical areas are recommended to be installed with a stainless steel clip on the middle.

The clip and the finned body prevent two problems – faced by many similar products, namely vibrations going into destructive loops, and then of course it terminates the bending problem completely.

Sockets and existing drivers

We recommend to by-pass the existing drivers and ensure that the condition of the holders are in a good condition. Brittle or friable holders will damage the tubes.


Light Efficiency and Quality

A light efficiency of 95-97% makes it among the most efficient LED tubes on the market. The well balanced driver allows a superior longevity and a very high light quality.
Our LED’s designed work and life on board are providing a CRI between 83-85 and a very comfortable light experience.

We recommend installing individual kelvin values for the work and leisure areas onboard in order to create the maximum light comfort. Ideal is 4000 for lounges, offices and mess rooms etc. For passage ways, workshops, galleys, engine and pump rooms etc. – we recommend 5700 Kelvin.
Besides the common stantd length of 60 and 120 cm – all tube length and sockets* can be manufactured. (Minimum quantity for special tubes length is 500 pcs.)
*We do not recommend T5 sockets for HighLum HD. The T5 sockets are not considered suitable for heavy tubes and high vibration areas. For accommodation and higher decks T5 can of course be used, but is not recommended.