Turning River water into Freshwater is a challenge.

Rivers tend to carry not only a variety of organisms but also a substantial amount of sand, mud and biomass – dead and alive – and that on normal days. The situation often gets worse during dry seasons or the opposite when heavy flooding occurrs and the fields along the banks are literally flushed into the rivers.

In order to cope with the high amount of sediments not to enter the reverse osmosis membrane we pay some extra attention to the pre-filtration and filtration of the unit. By having a mix of manual and fully automatic filtration system we developed the optimum mix between investment costs and operational hours of the membranes not to have them clocked or blocked but still affordable.

Each reverse osmosis unit is tailormade and sized to your needs. We can supply loose components or a skid whatever space allows.



Auxiliary systems

Besids the water maker we supply most components along the water line servicing the vessel,  such as hardening filter, chlorination, UV sterilization, silver ionization, charcoal filter, water softener, hydrophore unit with or without buffer tank or frequency controlled…..




After Sales

With our partners we provide the necessary service and maintenance to keep your water makers running whenever you need them.

Either we go on board when your crew needs assistance or we setup a pro-active program to prevent any unplanned rapid actions.