Full treatment of Black and Grey water – in Full Compliance
with IMO MEPC 227(64) Regulations

Enviromental friendly and cost effective

Cost effective operation for fleet owners and protecting our sea and environment for future generations, are two objectives at equal importance to us.

This is why; at Gertsen and Olufsen we take great pride in solutions that meet these demands, without compromising one over the other.

The G&O Bioreactor is designed utilizing the submerged fixed-film bacteria principle. It is able to handle all Grey and Black water from any vessel or offshore plant. The G&O Bioreacor has been approved with UV Disinfection filters and tolerates hydraulic shock/peak loadings with no need for adding consumables such as filters, membranes or chemicals during treatment.

Test results and operational experience has proven that the G&O Bioreacor offers both high efficiency, fullygo1
operational flexibility of the ship and low and easy maintenance requirements.

Additional key features includes:

• Standard units designed for easy maintenance
• Tailor-made Split units for retrofit projects
• Fitted with Quality components from European suppliers
• Gravity or vacuum systems
• Built in Clean and Inlet tank

IMO MEPC 227(64) – Meeting and exceeding IMO rules

The G&O Bioreactor is tested and type approved by an accredited institution in accordance with IMO
MEPC 227(64). All test results meets and exceeds the IMO Rules.

Bioreactor facts

  • Design range: 2,5 m3/d – 280 m3/d
  • Organic removal of Nitrogen and Phosphor
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Standard configurations as well as EEx approved special versions for the Offshore business
    Available in painted black steel & stainless steel
  • Ultrafiltration/membrane, outlet < 0,04 – 0,3 µm (0.0003 millimeters)
  • Odour-free
  • IMO 227(64) including special areas (Baltic Sea) /section 4.2


Newbuilding or retrofit

Besides our standard program we can provide custom build plants integrating the original design in case of retrofits.

Standard units available on short notice
Standard units available on short notice









For more information please visit: www.g-o.dk