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  • Water Mist System
  • High Pressure CO2 System
  • Low Pressure CO2 System
  • Argonite System

High-pressure water mist system

The SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system is a unique fire fighting system. When water is forced through nozzles, at high-pressure, an extremely fine mist is formed. When the mist comes in contact with flames, it evaporates and expands minimum 1,700 times. The dense vapour created displaces the flames and quickly extinguishes the fire.

Water is supplied via a pump unit. For every ship type, the SEMSAFE ® pump unit can supply all water mist applications. This is beneficial because you only need one unit for all applications, and it is easy to add more sections and applications, if needed. In addition, servicing of only one unit is easier and less costly.

The advantages of SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist

  • As water mist both cools the fire and removes the oxygen, it
    results in quicker fire fighting
  • The SEM-SAFE® water mist system is ready for re-use immediately after a fire
  • The SEM-SAFE® system can be deployed instantly, resulting in less damage
  • The reduced amount of damage often means less down time, resulting in much lower costs
  • Easy and fast installation is possible due to small pipe sizes and low system weight



Compact high-pressure water mist unit

Compact high-pressure

CO2 low pressure system

Danfoss Semco low-pressure CO2 systems are intended for use where large machinery and cargo spaces require protection with carbon dioxide. The advantage of the low-pressure system is that one single tank replaces a large number of CO2 cylinders with an approximate saving of 50% in weight. The tank, the valves, compressors, and associated controls are supplied prewired and ready assembled on a common steel frame. The low-pressure CO2 system from Danfoss Semco fully complies with all different classification societies and flag states including the recently adopted MSC 339 (91).

Advantages of low-pressure CO2 for large engine rooms

  • One single tank replaces a large number of CO2 cylinders
  • Approximate savings of more than 50% in weight and space
  • Significantly reduced time for refilling
  • Release time: 85% of design concentration within 2 minutes
  • Operation and service advantage for the ship-owner
  • Installation advantage for the shipyard

CO2 Low pressure tank with on-build cooling unit

CO2 Low Pressure1

CO2 Low pressure double tank installation

CO2 Low Pressure2

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