Since 1974 Atlas Incinerators has been manufacturing incinerators for the Marine and Offshore market and during this time we have strived to make quite simply the best marine incinerator on the market.
This has resulted in many improvements to the design as the years have gone by. So today’s incinerator design is the result of 40 years’ experience and listening to feedback from our customers around the world.
With over 9000 units supplied, primarily to the marine market, we feel qualified to say we are the No.1 choice for ship owners.

Atlas Incinerators advantages

• Atlas Incinerators are designed for simultaneous burning of sludge oil and solid waste.
• Induced draught air ejector for evacuation of flue gasses; hence a Flue Gas Fan is not required
• A separate settling tank is not necessary
• Burning oil sludge with up to 50% water without pilot fuel – guaranteed
• Three chambered design – clean burning
• Atlas own designed sludge burner with no rotating parts
• Simultaneous burning of sludge oil and solid waste

Atlas Incinerator with a non-back firing waste sluice

non-back firing


Containerized Solution

Containerized Solution


Skid Mounted Incinerator with diesel oil tank

Skid Mounted Incinerator

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