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Precise Tank Measuring

API Marine sets the standard by bringing proven measurement technologies of the 21 century into use on tank installations within marine and industry. This provides customers with improved and new higher level of accuracy and efficiency in tank measurements.

We want to contribute to our customer’s profitability supplying high quality products, excellent service and state-of-the-art high-tech solutions.

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UTS™ – Ultrasonic Tank Switch

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Universal Level Switch UTS™ has extended operating temperature range from –200°C to +450°C and is designed for level detection in cargo holds, wells & service tanks in sea and river ships, oil tankers, chemical tankers, gas carriers, offshore drilling platforms.

Ultrasonic Tank Switch UTS™ is made of stainless steel and is used for level detection of liquids in vessel tanks, storage tanks, bilge water tanks, cofferdams as well as for control of water ingress to vessel’s compartments.

The operating principle of UTS™ is based on an acoustic wave technology, providing outstanding results in extreme operating temperatures. Accuracy of measurement is ensured regardless of shape of tank, type of liquid or liquid temperature.

UTS™ is installed outside the tank/pipe with only a metal rod inside the tank/pipe. Acoustic waves in the metal rod created by piezo-electric transducer ensure transmission of signals. When liquid in the tank reaches the probe on the rod, the emission of sound waves is muffled. This change is picked up by the piezoelectric transducer and a signal is transmitted to the corresponding alarm. Having only the metal rod inside the tank and no mechanical or moving parts means no maintenance is required.

UTS™ is characterized by high resistance to sticky products, high robustness and shock resistance and increased reliability under dynamic load and vibrations due to reinforced rod and electronic unit of new generation. UTS™ is also supplied in a special “Arctic” version, for applications in harsh environments with ambient temperature of down to –60°C without heating the device.

TLA™ – Tank Level Alarm

tla_02_2012_fritTLA™ – Tank Level Alarm is used for detection of high (95%) and high-high (98%) levels in tanks. TLA™ is installed on the deck of tankers, gas carriers, floating storages, FSO, FPSO, onshore storage tanks for oil, petroleum products and liquefied gases.

Built on the same patented acoustic wave technology as UTS™, TLA™ features high level of accuracy, reliability and customizability.

TLA™ represents a two-point level switch with alarm levels defined by length of rods, which are produced on request. Built-in test buttons are used for performing functionality test before filling in the liquid, in accordance with requirements of classification societies. Being highly adjustable to customer’s requirements, TLA™ can also be supplied as a three-point version.

TGD™ – Tank Gauging Device

TGD™ – Tank Gauging Device – a multifunctional deck sensor is designed

for simultaneous measurement of level, temperature (up to 15 points), pressure and density (option) in cargo tanks.

Depending on the application type, TGD™ can be supplied as a 1-channel (level or temperature measurement), 2-channel (level + temperature; temperature + density), 3-channel (level, temperature and pressure/density) or 4-channel version (level, temperature, pressure and density).

Operation principle of TGD™ is based on the patented principle of Guided Low Frequency (GLF™) wave propagation,
which allows equally precise measurements along tank height with any shape of tank and type of liquid.

UPT™ – Universal Pressure Transmitter

upt UPT™ – Universal Pressure Transmitter is used for measurement and detection of pressure in tanks and pipeline installations onboard or ashore, for level measurement (hydrostatic method) in service, ballast and slop tanks as well as for draught measurement.

Housing and membrane of UPT™ are made of stainless steel. UPT™ can be supplied with various types of flange and thread connections, including a special extension for installation on top of tanks and reservoirs.

Special attention has been given to meeting demands for a high level of enclosure, robust, compact construction and resistance to shock and vibration where conditions of high overload and temperature variation are common.

UPT™ can be specially designed for IP 68 applications and it meets the highest standards and extended requirements for arctic and cold climate operations within industrial equipment, marine and off-shore applications.

UTT™ – Universal Temperature Transmitter

uttUniversal Temperature Transmitter UTT™ is used for temperature measurement of various media – water, oil, petrochemicals, acids, alkalies, gases and steam. UTT™ is characterized by a reinforced housing manufactured in stainless steel and a possibility of open-air installation.

Possibility of ordering the sensor with required probe length, with or without a thermowell, in explosionproof or standard construction, with any thread or flange connection – makes UTT™ the most convenient solution for most ship applications.

Integrated Automation System

The Integrated Automation System (IAS) provides centralized remote automated control and monitoring, emergency alarm and status alarm of all pumps & valves of ballast and cargo systems, monitoring of loading, stability and floatability, engine appliances and major alarm systems.
The Integrated Automation System is a reliable and powerful tool for safe and efficient vessel operation.  The system’s hardware and software are 100% developed and manufactured by API Marine, and it is an “open source” system with the possibility of integrating third-party equipment.
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