Boilers & Economizers

A century of skill in heat supply

Alfa Laval’s Aalborg steam and heat generation solutions represent a unique body of knowledge. They stand for 100 years of innovation, from energy-efficient boiler elements to composite boilers and low-pressure thermal fluid systems.

From waste heat to added value

Waste heat recovery is a unique opportunity that benefits your bottom line as much as the environment. This is why – with 50% of a main engine’s fuel energy going to heat flow – using exhaust gas to generate steam is so attractive.

Alfa Laval’s Aalborg waste heat recovery systems deliver documented fuel savings and CO2 reductions of up to 14%. Our extensive experience lets us design and install systems that maximize energy gains without any compromise in onboard safety.

As well as recovering heat from main engine exhaust, Alfa Laval is expanding the Aalborg portfolio by focusing on previously neglected sources of waste heat. Today, waste heat recovery from auxiliary engine exhaust can meet steam requirements during port stays, and in some cases even at sea.

The Alfa Laval Aalborg “Hot Sellers”

Combiboiler: Aalborg OC-Tci


The high-performance Aalborg OC-TCi is a space saving combination boiler fired with both oil and exhaust gas. Preassembled and installed vertically, it consists of an oil-fired module with helix tubes and an exhaust gas fired module with smoke tubes.

The boiler provides effective self-cleaning, thanks to its built-in TCi (Turbo Clean, intelligent) technology and its relatively high gas velocity compared to other composite boilers.

Oil fired boiler: Aalborg OS-TCi


The oil-fired Aalborg OS-TCi is a high efficiency boiler which is intended for steam production. It is designed to high-efficiency, user-friendly be self-cleaning and have environmentally friendly maintenance.

The oil-fired Aalborg OS-TCi is supplied as a vertical, preassembled boiler unit. The boiler’s built-in TCi (Turbo Clean, intelligent) technology makes it self-cleaning to the highest possible degree, and what little maintenance remains is easy and has a low environmental impact.

Features and benefits of the Aalborg OS-TCi

Exhaust gas boiler: Aalborg XS-2V and Aalborg XS-7V
Aalborg XS-7V
Aalborg XS-7V

The Aalborg XS-2V economizer is designed for utilisation of exhaust gas from the diesel engines for production of steam. The design is tailormade according to exhaust gas demand and temperature. Aalborg XS-2V comes with its own steam space while the Aalborg XS-7V is designed without steam space.

The economizer is carried out with the smoke tubes welded to the tube plates at both ends, and this robust design can, in emergency cases, withstand running dry. The Aalborg XS-2V with its own steam space and is able to operate independently from the oil-fired boiler/steam drum.

The sizes of the economizers depend on required steam capacity, amount of exhaust gas, temperature, and working pressure.

Exhaust gas economizer for auxiliary engines: Aalborg XS-TC7A

Aalborg XS-TC7A

Aalborg XS-TC7A is an exhaust gas economizer for auxiliary engines. It is designed to significantly reduce the oil consumption for the oil-fired boiler.

Exhaust gas from the auxiliary engines has been an overlooked energy source. But because the cooler exhaust of long-stroke main diesel engines can be insufficient to support steam needs, it is becoming more attractive. Auxiliary engine exhaust gas can fulfill steam requirements during port stays or even en route. At today’s high fuel prices, the Aalborg XS-TC7A exhaust gas economizer has a typical payback time of 1–1.5 years.

Exhaust gas economizer for main engines: Aalborg XW

Aalborg XW

The Aalborg XW is a water tube, forced circulation exhaust gas boiler/economizer. It is specially designed for heat recovery from diesel engine exhaust gas but the basic design suits numerous applications.
The heating surface is made up of double gilled tubes as standard, with a spacing that minimizes soot build-up. In addition, there is an efficient cleaning system that uses steam or compressed-air soot blowers.

Thermal Oil Heaters: Aalborg TFO

Aalborg TFO

Alfa Laval Aalborg is the world’s market leader in supplying marine thermal fluid heating systems. Within this product range is the Aalborg TFO, which is a oil- or gas-fired thermal fluid heater.

In addition to engineering and production of the thermal fluid heater units, which we deliver complete with burner and control system, Alfa Laval Aalborg supplies the following equipment:

• Circulation Pumps and valves
• Expansion tanks
• Dump coolers
• Tank cleaning heaters
• Heat exhangers
• Electrical heaters
• Unfired steam boilers

Thermal Oil Exhaust gas Heaters: Aalborg EX

Aalborg EX

Aalborg EX is a forced-circulation vertical heater for recovering heat from exhaust gas.

This is only a small selection of the superior Alfa Laval product range when it comes to boilers, economizers or heaters. The wider range, more information and technical details can be foud on the Alfa Laval web page, or simply call Karberg & Schmitz

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