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Plastic and Fibre Composites in Shape

ACCENTform is a German technological leader in the production of custom fibreglass-designed objects. We can manufacture single fibreglass items, as well as small and medium-scale serial production even in XXL format. Our strength lies not only in manufacturing of single-items, such as fibreglass spheres, exhibits or figures for trade shows, museum, promotion and art events; but we are also specialized in the production of large fibreglass special constructions and series for roofs, hoods, body shells, as well as in trailers production.

We design and produce fibreglass and carbon fibre reinforced products mainly for commercial clients – with the highest quality, fast, and cost-efficiently. In production, we use a variety of manufacturing methods: hand lay-up, spray lay-up, vacuum infusion, and resin transfer molding (RTM) processes.

The pattern and mold production is supported by most modern manufacturing methods. From design to CNC production, we always use CAD and CAM technologies. Mechanical processing are carried out at our CNC robotic machining centre (7-axis simultaneous machining), so we can produce components up to a length of 15 meters (about 50 feet) and with its surface area up to 120 m² (nearly 1300 SF) in one setting. In addition, we deliver all manufactured objects with our own vehicle fleet.


Seat furniture with upholstery in carbon look

Finish with clear lacquer to obtain a high-gloss and haptically pleasant surface.

Carbon Chairs

Three-dimensional and ergonomically shaped seat

All benches were equipped with adjustable feet to compensate for unevenness. The surface coating has been carried out with a scratch-resistant gel coat so that they are permanently protected against abrasion.


GRP ball joint in various diameters

ACCENTFORM has taken over the design, assembly planning, production, delivery and assembly of the exhibition objects.

GRP Ball joints

GRP spheres in chrome lacquer optics

Closed and cut-out balls, as well as walk-on and walk-in elements in a diameters of 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2500 mm. The objects were equipped with media elements or used as an entertainment cell.

GRP spheres

Exterieur & Objects

Art Sculpture

11m high art sculpture installed on the „Quantum of the Seas“

GRP handlaminated figure of the American artist Lawrence Argent. The bear consists of 1,340 triangular surfaces. Guests should not only look at it but also touch it.

Reinforcement of the 3 t heavy GRP cover with a 5 t steel skeleton. Elegant and weather-resistant finish on the basis of a silky matte PU lacquer. Application after final sanding with airbrush.



9m high giraffe „Gigi“ installed on the „Anthems of the Seas“

The 2 t heavy steel frame made of pipes (diameter of 140 mm / wall thickness of 12 mm) prevents the figure from swinging up with the natural frequency of the ship. The inner side panels guide the wind forces from the carbon shell onto the steel frame.


Azipod® drive

1: 1 model of an Azipod® drive at a yard

Hand laminate with a wall thickness of 5mm. A GRP halfball serves as the tip of the screw. Fastening possibilities for the floor and ceiling can be found on the individually detachable wings.

All segments were primed and the gondola was also painted at Accentform. Painting of the five blades done by the customer.


Advertising figures made of GRP – flamingo, pineapple, coconut

The 2.5 m high flamingo was freely carved out of styrofoam after a photo and the surface covered with a 2 mm thick GRP layer. The coconut and pineapple were modeled in CAD and subsequently CNC-milled from styrofoam.

The coconut got a surface with natural fiber optics, the pineapple a fruity airbrush paint.


Needle sculpture

9-meter-long GRP needle sculpture in the center of the Skywalk „Biggeblick“

Stainless steel surface coating. A stainless steel powder embedded in resin is applied to the component. Finally, the surface is ground and polished until the desired stainless steel optic shines.

The GRP needle has a built-in lightning conductor inside.


Serial Production

Complete hoods for pavement road rollers

Procurement and training in the use of all attachments such as: brackets, mountings, and soundproofing mats, as well as heat protection insulations.

Road Rollers

Tuning Kits

GRP widening tuning kit for the Corvette C5. Width dimension original: 1860 mm, width dimension wide conversion kit: 2200 mm consisting of: Front, fender front, fender rear inclusive door sill, wheel house interior linings, rear.



Fiber reinforced plastic ensures high weather resistance and long life. With a permissible total weight of 1.35  to 1.8 t, the trailer is extremely light, yet very load-bearing, depending on the model due to its GRP body parts: payload of 1 t.


Renovation & Upgrades

Renovation of underground and suburban railways. Outer and inner preparation. GRP repairs and interior finishing in streetcars. Refurbishment of e.g.: headlight covers, spoilers, wheel guards, seat shells, bow struts, armrests, etc.



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