Boiler Service & Repairs for all boiler brands

After years of wear and tear, the performance of boiler and waste heat recovery systems can degrade enough to impair operations or cause unplanned shutdowns.

Alfa Laval Repair for boilers restores your equipment to good-as-new condition and can even be used to extend boiler life. It can be a more cost-effective option than buying new parts, or in the worst case buying and installing a new boiler.

Alfa Laval can perform boiler repair on a scheduled or emergency basis, including during your vessel’s normal operation. The work can be done in port, at a shipyard or at sea, where it is carried out according to class rules and your specifications.

All brands

Repair of all brands Alfa Laval has served the boiler industry for a century, working with all aspects of boiler design, manufacture, inspection and service. Combining this comprehensive experience with technology from today’s boiler programme, we can repair and upgrade all types and brands of boiler and waste heat recovery equipment.


Boiler Performace Audits

A Boiler Performance Audit  provides insight into your boiler system’s performance and safety. In addition, our boiler specialist will optimize its combustion settings during the audit, which could lead to significant fuel savings.

Condition Audit and Inspections performed before any major repair to assess wear and identify the causes of poor performance.

And the best: In selelected ports close to Alfa Laval service hubs we will attend on a favorable fixed price covering all working and travelling costs in a lump sum.

24/7 Service Hotline

A service hotline that works 24 hours.

For urgent matters between 8:00 – 16:00 local time please call +45 99 30 45 45

For urgent matters between 16:00 – 8:00 local time please contact our 24 hours phone +46 46 36 77 00

Or us the common service email address:

Spare Parts

Alfa Laval supplies genuine, high-quality OEM spare parts for all Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers.  Original, up-to-date spare parts are shipped within 24 hours to any corner of the globe. To make this possible, Alfa Laval maintains full stocks of the most common consumables and spare parts at centralized location.

For customer in Europe on dedicted team in specialists will be at your disposal under:

Alfa Laval Aalborg Service Kits

Spare parts on board whenever you need them.

Service kits are a smarter choice than ordering individual spare parts, both for your peace of mind and for your operating budget. With the right parts on hand – wherever and whenever you need them – you can avoid lengthy stops, last-minute decisions and rush order fees.

Alfa Laval offers a complete range of dedicated Aalborg Service Kits that help you plan your maintenance costs and save over the long term:

  • Emergency Kits
  • Recommended Kits
  • Dry Dock Kits
  • 2020 Kits